'Class War' Between Private and Public Sector Unions?

The above article may help to explain why Port Authority IUOE Members are now confronted with a regressive Tentative Agreement brought forth by their leadership. This tentative agreement, viewed by many as a business arrangement between the Agency and external parties, would reverse years of hard-earned compensation gains for IUOE Members and it would expose other Port Authority collective bargaining units to an exploitative and unacceptable pattern. We urge you to consider the facts and potential conflicts of interest, ask questions and demand answers. Selling-out public sector workers is not the answer.


Redesigning How the Port Authority Operates in a "NEW WORLD ORDER"







RReichThe Shameful Attack on Public Employees

 Robert B. Reich - US Secretary of Labor, Clinton Administration




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PANYNJ CANCELS October 23rd negotiation meeting, purportedly due of IBEW's "refusal to negotiate" over ground rules. Obviously management does not understand the definition of "negotiation" and at this point it is quite clear their credibility is questionable. This and Executive Director Patrick Foye's non-materialized assurance that contract negotiations would be "fast-tracked" and bargaining units without agreements the longest would be first to enter into negotiations, raises serious questions about management's integrity and real intentions.

IBEW REINSTATES IMPROPER PRACTICE CHARGE (IP-13-07) -The Improper Practice Charge alleges the Port Authority of NY&NJ has failed to meet it's Duty to Bargain, as required under the Port Authority Labor Relations Instruction.

PANYNJ NEGOTIATING TEAM A "NO-SHOW" at IBEW Headquarters June 28th negotiation meeting, citing among other reasons, "Friday traffic given the upcoming holiday week and a scheduled home Mets game".

Gag Rule

IBEW DECLINES "GAG RULE" AGREEMENT - On June 7, 2013, the Administrative Board of IBEW AP-Division informed Port Authority management representatives that discussions pertaining to restrictive Ground Rules were concluded. The Union, however, has made it clear to management that our Membership is prepared to: 1) meet at reasonable times & intervals, 2) meet at reasonable places and 3) Confer In-Good-Faith over mandatory subjects of negotiation.